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Construction : Trần Đáp + Phạm Xuân Trường
Photographs : Quangdam

For the first time coming here, we have the feeling about the depth of an “aged” house which is filled with its owners’ habit and memories from the very first years after Liberation.

The house’s owners are a retired couple who want to renovate this house into a more spacious place to enjoy time with their children and grandchildren, particularly in some special occasions like Tet. The old house is built on a weak ground and located in a local officers’ resident

As time gone by, city replaces towns; new houses replace the old ones. However, this two semi-detached house has managed to preserve their original form after several restorations, not perfectly but adequately to keep the spirit of a traditional Southern houses. The combination in this two semi-detached house has put a silent note on the neighborhood’s transformation trend.

Design method is to keep a half of the existing roof and the gutter in order to remain the harmony for the whole scene and the spirit of a Southern house. From this, the “HALF ROOF” language is applied for the back block to make the uniformity for the building. The forming language beginning from the existing house will make the house modern but familiar.

The old structure is handled in a new way; the columns under gutter are retreated, steel structure is used to make a 5-meter span, which creates a completely opening space, the inner and the outer of the house which are separated by slide doors are connected through this space. Trees are put into groups which cover the lodge. These help the house’s owner preserving their living habit under the porch, around the garden but in a generous and contemporary building.

Materials, jardiniere and furniture taken from the old house are selected, redecorated, reused, and cleverly organized to put back to the new house in the combination with several new parts.

 As a result, the memories of this house, this street, and of those who has lived here are maintained.

This construction is located in the countryside of Vietnam where the living style and habit of the residents thereby have been changing due to the impact of the city living style. The new construction at present creates more closed space which is designed to be clear, lightning and filled with amenities but destroy the relationship among people. Accordingly, the living habit of the local residents follows the trend toward closed environment.

In this house, we desire to preserve the great value, hospitality, “open” way of living of the residents living in the river region: the way they share feelings to each other and to the living environment; the way they care for each other; the way they open the door to welcome visitors or the way they open their heart.

Open house, open hearts.

VĩnhLong , 10.2015 - 11.2016

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