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Nguyễn Đặng Anh Dũng
Nguyễn Văn Trung l Võ Đình Huỳnh

Photographs : Quangdam

Located in the South West corner of the building, it is a 2-bedroom apartment of which the area is 81 m2. After two years for office lending, this apartment has been partly damaged. The current arrangement plan also creates several problems when the using purpose is changed.

Refurbishment method is to move the culinary area close to the living room which is arranged symmetrically through the center axis; the old kitchen is renovated into a multi-function space with a storage beneath; adding a private WC to the master bedroom; changing direction for the door of the other bedroom in order to surmount the room crossing disadvantage by giving way directly towards to the laundry balcony which is a new ventilating ways for the apartment.

Afterwards, through the narrow hall, the common space has more views to the balcony and towards outside, making the space become bigger and airy.

I personally do not like apartment block. It gives me a feeling of living in many stacking boxes which constructed in a disorganized manner around the city; living with no garden, no breathing space and having no awareness of who behind the wall, all of which are the methods of building a life style to be relatively strange for the one who grew up in the countryside with nature and neighbors all around.

This construction is a gift for my little sister, giving her a familiar living space, a childhood memory of when we were kids together enjoying our COLORFUL life in our little home with FRONT AND BACK GARDEN, where we shared our memories UNDER THE ROOF. Living spaces under the roof has been formed and remained in our mind as a place where we get back for a peaceful, leisurely feeling – the feeling that a common apartment cannot bring.

HOME – a place to get back after a strenuous day in the city, a silent note for her to look back at the childhood so that my cousin is able to build her new happiness with her own little family


SaiGon , 03.2016 - 06.2016

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