Nguyễn Đặng Anh Dũng
Âu Ý Nhiên l Nguyễn Văn Trung l Võ Đình Huỳnh

Supervisor : Nguyễn Văn Trung

Construction : AD+studio & thợ địa phương
Photographs : Dũng Huỳnh

This project is the first one in a Northern Vietnam city built by AD+studio

Through conducting surveys of the status and search for design materials, we can’t help being not impressed with the image of a layer of red and green tole roof, overlapping each other as a feature from the height of the houses in the area. In addition, it is interesting to see a unique situation: from the outside look it seems like a typical, long, narrow city house; but going inside it is a cluster of three single blocks revolving around a spacious and airy garden behind.

The owner is a young couple of 9X generations studying in Hanoi but choosing to live and work in Thai Nguyen. Having an introverted life, and having the love for peace and quiet as a resonance between the context of the status and the personality of people. The STACKING – ROOF HOUSE is a story that respects the inherent peaceful atmosphere, strengthened and reprocessed on a more contemporary, liberal and youthful spirit.

The concrete frames of the two main houses are kept and consolidated by the steel truss of the roof, which is inspired by the surrounding scenery, in order to create a large span. This method not only clears the view of the garden on the ground floor but also increases the using area for the first floor. It also creates a “stacking” building which gets along with the surrounding harmoniously.


The roof structure includes two parts switching from opacity to shield. The roof made from poly material in combination with the glass block of the facade not only makes the building translucent in the scene but also plays a role as a glasshouse for gardening. The shielding part formed by two layers of colored corrugated steel sheet above a glass ceiling generates convection currents, limits the heat going through spaces as well as keeps the sense of the structure frame.

Through the facade, the glass block walls in between the sidewalk and the front yard do not act much as a shield for the house. An area of the old house is used for greenery in order to create a space between the noise outside and the peace inside. Through the narrow corridor – a hyphen between the in front public space and the private one behind – a part of the garden appears so as to attract people’s curiosity. Here, the space compression method is used to enhance the surprise where there is a large and airy space at the end of the corridor: the living space and the greenery.

They mingle together and become one recreating the peaceful atmosphere of the Northern Delta just by a garden’s corner and open space.

For this work, the role of architecture will only be awareness and transition. The work is like a background that harmonizes the scene, nature, and human beings, from which the owner – an animate entity – will write his own story.

Thai Nguyen , 11.2016 – 12.2018

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