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LÂM’s home

Nguyễn Đặng Anh Dũng
Đinh Trần Thanh Hoàng l Nguyễn Thị Anh Thư l Võ Đình Huỳnh


Supervisor : Võ Đình Huỳnh
Photo : Quang Dam, Dũng Huỳnh

Located in a small alley near a primary school, the house was mainly used as a lunchtime retreat of a mom and a daughter, as their house was far away from school and workplace. Not emphasizing the importance of daily use, the mother prioritized the comfort and enjoyment of her little girl who just got into first grade.

The design was inspired by a ‘tree house’ of children: the ‘foot’ and ‘branches’ were the structural frame bearing the floors as well as enhancing the structure along the walls, the ‘crown’ was of open communal spaces and the ‘house’ was the private rooms settling on the ‘branches’.

To handle the small plot of 3x10 m, the design was planned to combine many functions into one ‘element’. Not only did ‘The tree’ play the role of structure, it was also the staircase with enough landing for other small tasks; the screen that helped to block the sun; and the ‘bracket’ supporting ‘the crown’. 

Integrating multiple functions into one object would optimize the spatial flexibility. Playground and functional spaces were merged instead of being completely separated. The connection between mother and daughter was strengthen in an open environment, as their communal space was maximized.  

“My daughter’s zodiac sign was the Snake, I named her Lâm in the hope of freedom. I feel like it is somewhat similar to your design for this house”, the client told us, after we shared our ideas.
For all the reasons, we call the house LÂM’s home.

VinhLong, August 2018 - December 2020