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HIDEAWAY Apartment

Nguyễn Đặng Anh Dũng


Nguyễn Văn Trung l Đinh Trần Thanh Hoàng l Nguyễn Thị Anh Thư l Trần Tuấn Kiệt


Supervisor: Đinh Trần Thanh Hoàng, Trần Tuấn Kiệt

Constructor: NTJ, Thai Viet Furniture, HALE

Photo: Hoàng Lê

Located in a closed site in the central area of Saigon, four townhouses share a common yard. The two-story old house with a total of 60m2 floor area is the home of a couple and their three children.

The design started with the client’s sharing: "The fact that we were able to buy this house was like a stroke of luck. Although the house was small, it was closed and cozy. Whenever I work late, the children would wait for me to come home before going to sleep." The activity density in this small space has formed a very beautiful cohesive manner in this family. This is the core element we want to retain in the new project.

The need to add more private space as the children grow up, as well as some additional functions, is limited by the construction permits on floor area and building elevation. This, instead of being an obstacle, becomes an opportunity for us to compress more space into the project. These space dimensions are just enough to arrange furniture based on the needs. This method, together with the composition of the common area, which is centered around the main atrium core, brings the family closer so that all activities still remain in sight.

Sai Gon, 09.2019 – 09.2022

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